2023 3rd International Conference on Smart Transportation and City Engineering (STCE 2023)

Invited Speaker

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Prof./Dr. Law Teik Hua,Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Dr. Teik-Hua, Law is Associate Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia and serves as the Head of the Road Safety Research Center in Engineering Faculty, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Dr. Law also appointed as Adjunct Professor at the Hernan Technology University in China Mainland. He received his Ph.D. in Road Safety from the Center for Transport Studies at the Imperial College of London. He has 22 years experience in road safety research and specialized in road crash and road users’ behavior analysis. He has working on multiple international research projects offered by the Handicap International, the Volvo Sweden, the World Health Organization and the FIA foundation. Dr. Law has 55 journal papers published in the top transportation journals, such as Accident Analysis and Prevention, Transport Geography, Transportation Research Part A, Transportation Research Part D, Transportation Research Part F, Transport Policy, Journal of Safety Research. He is also a frequent presenter at national and international conferences

Law Teik-Hua博士,马来西亚博特拉大学土木工程系教授,马来西亚博特拉大学工程系道路安全研究中心主任。Law Teik-Hua博士还被任命为中国大陆赫尔南科技大学的兼职教授。从伦敦帝国学院交通研究中心获得了道路安全博士学位,拥有22年的道路安全研究经验,专门从事道路碰撞和道路使用者行为分析。参与了国际残疾协会、瑞典沃尔沃、世界卫生组织和国际汽联基金会提供的多个国际研究项目。在顶级交通期刊上发表了55篇期刊论文,如事故分析与预防、交通地理学、交通研究A部分、交通研究D部分、交通研究F部分、交通政策、安全研究杂志等,经常参与国内外的会议。


Assoc. Prof. Zhengang Feng, Chang'an University, China


Zhengang Feng, male, with a PhD in engineering and postdoctoral experience, is an excellent doctoral thesis recipient in Hubei Province. I am currently an associate professor at the School of Highway Engineering at Chang'an University, a master's supervisor, and the deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Road Structure and Materials Transportation Industry. Mainly engaged in research and teaching of road construction materials and interdisciplinary fields, led and participated in multiple projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Applied Basic Research Project of the Ministry of Transportation, the Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and the Shaanxi Provincial Association for Science and Technology Youth Talent Promotion Project. Published 54 academic papers in domestic and foreign publications, including 30 SCI and EI citations, 11 authorized patents, 1 participation in the compilation of transportation industry standards, 3 monographs, 1 second prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Highway Society, 1 second prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Steel Structure Association, and 1 third prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Highway Construction Industry Association.


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